Along with Acne & Psoriasis, Dandruff is caused by the excessively rapid turnover of skin cells. In healthy skin/scalp, new skin cells grow deep in the skin/scalp and slowly rise to the surface, usually every 23 – 30 days. With Dandruff, this process speeds itself up, causing Dandruff scaling and inflammation.

As Dandruff and other skin inflammatory conditions begin internally, why use a topical product that just treats the surface of your scalp? Dandruff Pill targets the internal source – for a healthy scalp from within.

Dandruff Pill’s totally unique 7 Natural Active Mineral Ingredients relieve Dandruff flakes, itchy scalp, dryness, oily scalp and irritation – all in one pill – taken orally, just like a vitamin.

As Dandruff Pill works internally, results are gradual. We recommend a 12 week use course to achieve optimal results. Continue taking as long as beneficial.

These dandruff pills are great for anyone who has been plagued with the white flakes that stick to their shirt or itchy heads in public. The pills are very specific when it comes how to take them and when. Taking your weight specific dosage before bed without eating or drinking anything but water for an hour after and you will have magnificent results before you know it. The results are undeniable. You won’t have the white flakes, or dry itchy scalp (or oily scalp) within days! With any medication and supplement, speak with your doctor or physician prior to taking.

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