Loma Lux® Eczema is a one, two punch eczema treatment. It helps soothe itching and fight infection. Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying:

(The statements associated with products and their indications on this site are based upon traditional homeopathic practice.
*Individual results may vary.)

“I developed hand eczema in my late 30’s and suffered with it for four years. My flare-ups would range from mild to sever – almost debilitating. I tried just about every treatment available, prescription, non-prescription, home remedy, you name it. Some would work for a while, like hydrocortisone creams and Protopic, but eventually I would build up a tolerance and they were ineffective. When I first tried Loma Lux I was skeptical, but desperate, within a week I noticed my eczema clearing up, but I didn’t get too excited since my eczema is cyclical. Then I ran out of the one bottle I had purchased and sure enough within a week or so, my eczema came back. At that point I purchased more, and have pretty much been using this product steady for the past year and one-half. While on Loma Lux, my eczema ranges from non-existent to mild and never real itchy. Also, I do moisturize my hands throughout the day with a heavy cream. When I do get a flare-up my eczema is very responsive to medications; I just dig out an old tube of Protopic or hydrocortisone and usually within a day or two the flare-up is either gone or under control. Loma Lux has not cured me of eczema, but it keeps it under control and boosts the efficacy of other treatments/medications. Currently I take about half of the recommended dose, but will increase the dose when needed (which is rare). Overall I am very satisfied with this product; if you are desperate, like I was, I would recommend giving it a shot.”
– M. Plevak


“My eczema has not disappeared completely, but did after a full bottle of it dramatically. I had eczema on any part of my body and now it’s just on my lower legs and right hand. There is no magic formula, but it helped me a lot.”
– A. Wright


“This product has worked miraculously for me! I suffered from constant eczema my entire life and have tried every cream (prescription and OTC) there is. My rashes would keep me up all night itching. They most often occured on the inside of my elbows, hands and back of knees. I tried Loma Lux out of sheer deperation while scouring the internet one night. I had NO expectations that it would actually work, but within 2 weeks my ezcema was gone and I have been rash free for over 3 months. I would without hesitation recommend this to anyone and everyone! I don’t understand how, but it works like magic and I will continue using this forever!”
– K. Gyimesi


“I have had eczema since I can remember. Started on my feet and moved to hands and elbows mostly as I became older. This works and i wish everyone that has eczema would have access to this to try it for a few days or more and you will be amazed as I have been. Thanks to Loma Lux I have relief from eczema now. Those of you out there who have it know what that means to me.”
– D Wilson

(The statements associated with products and their indications on this site are based upon traditional homeopathic practice.
*Individual results may vary.)


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